May 18th, 2005: edurukOlu (Welcoming the groom)

This is a social event where the bride's family welcomes the grooms family to the venue. In the olden days the marriages used to take place at the bride's home or a temple. But now a days the tradition has been tweaked to perform the ceremony at a specific marriage venue of the bride's choice. The guests are welcomed amidst the traditional indian wind music called "Nadaswaram" / Sannai Melam". Since our marriage 'procession' began early in the morning for a 24 hour marathon, all, except the to-be-wed couple and their parents, began the day with a reportedly nice traditional south indian breakfast. We were not supposed to have anything except water until we offer the food to our ancestors and seek their blessings (supposed to take place sometime later in the evening). Thanks to the scorching summer (45 degrees Celsius) we were given chilled and fresh mango juice.